Who are we?

  1. -The AFSG “special interest” group evolved into existence from the SCG Men’s 18 Hole Golf Club which sponsored the Wounded Warrior Project Fund Raising events in 2009 and 2010. We became a special interest group in 2010. Support for this event has grown to such a degree that we needed to form an organization whose primary function is to handle fundraising activities. We became the SCG Armed Forces Support Group CHARTER CLUB in 2011.

What are our purpose/goals?

- To support our active duty military, veterans, wounded warriors and their families

- Develop a group volunteer pool to help support fundraisers in SCG that support our military and their families

- Help facilitate/coordinate existing military support fundraising groups in SCG

Who can join?

- You do not need to be a veteran to become a member. You only need to be a SCG resident and have an interest in supporting the brave men, women and their families who sacrifice daily to allow us to live in freedom.


Welcome to the Armed Forces Support Group Club Website!

SCG Armed Forces Support Group

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